Ex-pats and vassal princes!

This Monday (June 13th) we welcome back Roland Enmarch to give an in person lecture to the Manchester AE Society!

Roland Enmarch: Ex-pats and vassal princes: some curious international messengers in the final decades of the late Bronze Age (mid-late 13th C BC)

In the last few decades of the 1200s BC, the international diplomatic system of the Late Bronze Age Near East was entering its twilight. Sources from Egypt, Ugarit, and northern Syria all provide tantalising glimpses of a world of complex identities, shifting allegiances, and ex-pats in the service of foreign powers. Cuneiform sources from Assyria show that Egypt’s vassal, the Levantine city of Sidon, was sending messengers to the Assyrian king. Was this treachery, or was he doing the Egyptian king’s bidding? A hitherto neglected Egyptian papyrus offers some interesting answers…. 

Roland Enmarch is Senior Lecturer in Egyptology at the University of Liverpool, specialising in Egyptian written culture of Ancient Egypt. His research interests include Egyptian literature, and Egyptian expeditions and resource procurement. A former Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Egyptian Archaeology, his publications include A World Upturned (2008) and Ancient Egyptian Literature: Theory and Practice (2013). He is co-director of the Anglo-French Hatnub archaeological mission.

Our in person lectures are held at the Pendulum Hotel, Sackville Street, Manchester, M3 1BB. Parking in Charles Street Multistory round the corner. Doors open 7:15pm (you can arrive as early as you like and enjoy a meal or drink at the bar). Event begins 7:45pm and runs to 9:15pm. All welcome. MAES members £3 on the door; guests £5.