Study Days

In addition to our monthly lectures we also run a study day each year.  These are one-day events (usually held on a Saturday in spring) and are dedicated to a particular theme or area of interest.

In addition to our regular March study day, we are holding an extra study day in May. Details below. The study days are held online via Zoom and open to all.

Our Study Days are open to anyone with an interest in ancient

Egyptian history and culture.


Egypt & Israel and the Rise of the Empires : The Rise and Fall of the Assyrians,Babylonians and Persians

Study Day with Michael Tunnicliffe and Sarah Griffiths in association with MAES

Saturday 22nd May 2021 from 9:30am Online via Zoom

The Late Period (c. 747 – 332 BC) – Egypt’s Silver Age – is one of the best-documented periods in ancient Egyptian history. The pharaonic traditions of the previous two and a half thousand years were still very much in evidence with the “Two Lands” ruled by Kushite kings and a strong dynasty of Egyptian kings from Sais.

But great changes were taking place all over the Near East, with the rise and fall of great empires such as Assyria, Babylonia and Persia.  Each one saw Egypt as a prize worth conquering. This is the story of invasion and conquest, rebellion and survival, leading to the end of the native Egyptian pharaohs and the arrival of Alexander the Great.

The rise of these expansionist empires would also have important consequences in the land of Israel. By the end of the period old style Israelite religion had evolved into the distinctive religion of Judaism, and national independence had been lost. This day school examines the changes brought about over this tumultuous period of 400 years.

Saturday 22nd May 2021 ONLINE VIA ZOOM                    Doors open 9:30am. Lectures run 10am to 4pm. 

MAES members £20; Guests £30.

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