If you would like to know more about ancient Egypt, there are a number of formal and informal courses  in the North West across the year, several taught by MAES members. You can find details of some of them here:


The Manchester Continuing Education Network runs a wide range of face-to-face courses and study days, including Egyptology and the Ancient World. Most are held at the Cross Street Chapel in the centre of Manchester.

Tuesday 22 January – Tuesday 2 April 2019, 1 – 3pm

Last of the Pharaohs:  Incest, Intrigue and Bloodshed under the Ptolemies and Cleopatras

A ten week course with Sarah Griffiths following the conquest of Egypt by Alexander the Great in 332 BC, a succession of kings called Ptolemy ruled Egypt for nearly 300 years, presiding over one of the most remarkable and complex periods in Egyptian history.

This was an era of unprecedented change for Egyptian culture and society as the new dynasty used religion and tradition to increase their power and wealth, and their new cosmopolitan capital, Alexandria, with its world famous library, became the cultural and economic centre of the ancient world.

And yet the House of Ptolemy was a family at war with itself, a complex tangle of relationships based on incest, bitter sibling rivalries, corruption, intrigue and murder, set against a backdrop of foreign wars, civil unrest and the growing influence of Rome.

Sarah Griffiths will paint a vivid picture of Egypt’s last ancient dynasty, from Ptolemy I to the famous Cleopatra VII, revealing the absorbing family dramas, exploring their distinctive art and architecture, daily life in Ptolemaic Egypt and the series of catastrophic events that led to the decline of the kingdom and its final annexation by Rome.

Birch Community Centre, Brighton Grove, Manchester, M14 5JT

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Saturday 26th January 2019 10:30am-4:30pm

Study Day: Pharaohs of Egypt: from Narmer to Cleopatra

Join Sarah Griffiths as she explores the reigns of Egypt’s famous and not-so-famous pharaohs, building a complete timeline of pharaonic Egyptian history.

From the Predynastic to the Ptolemaic periods, discover Egypt’s earliest kings such as Narmer, the great pyramid builders of the Old Kingdom and the warrior kings of the Middle Kingdom. Investigate the founding of the New Kingdom ruled by Egypt’s best known kings (and queens) including Thutmose III the “Napoleon of Egypt”,  Hatshepsut the female king, Egypt’s sun king Amenhotep III, Akhenaten and Tutankhamun, the monumental builder Ramesses “the Great” and Ramesses III, victim of a harem plot. Find out about the achievements of the Tanis and Saite kings of the north, the rule of the foreign pharaohs from Libya, Nubia and Persia, leading up to the arrival of Alexander the Great and the last pharaonic dynasty – the Ptolemies.

A complete guide to the Pharaohs of Egypt in a day

Presenting a broad overview of Egyptian history through a closer study of the key “defenders of Ma’at” – ideal for beginners and for those wishing to bring perspective and context to their knowledge of this fascinating ancient civilisation.

Cross Street Chapel, Cross Street, Manchester, M2 1NL

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Egyptology Online at the University of Manchester

You can study a range of accredited and non-accredited online courses at the University of Manchester, including:

  • The Certificate in Egyptology (accredited, 3 year part time)
  • The Diploma in Egyptology (a 2 year extension to the Certificate course, accredited)
  • A choice of 6 week non-accredited courses including “Queens of Ancient Egypt”, “Gods and Goddess of Ancient Egypt” and “Tutankhamen”
  • A range of taster courses including “Blue” and”War and Weapons”

STOP PRESS! New short courses in hieroglyphs now available!

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FREE online course!

 Also run by the University of Manchester:

“Ancient Egypt: A History in Six Objects”. Click here for further details.