If you would like to know more about ancient Egypt, there are a number of formal and informal courses  in the North West across the year, several taught by MAES members. You can find details of some of them here:

Egyptology Online at the University of Manchester

You can study a range of accredited and non-accredited online courses at the University of Manchester, including:

  • The Certificate in Egyptology (accredited, 3 year part time)
  • The Diploma in Egyptology (a 2 year extension to the Certificate course, accredited)
  • A choice of 6 week non-accredited courses including “Queens of Ancient Egypt”, “Gods and Goddess of Ancient Egypt” and “Tutankhamen”
  • A range of taster courses including “Blue” and “War and Weapons”

For more details visit the website here:


The Manchester Continuing Education Network runs a wide range of face-to-face courses and study days, including Egyptology and the Ancient World. Most are held at the Cross Street Chapel in the centre of Manchester.

For more details visit the website here:

Coming up in the autumn term:

Saturday 30th September: The Origins of Western Art

A study day taught by MAES members Michael Tunnicliffe and Sarah Griffiths, with Birgitta Hoffman and Jo Backhouse, looking at the influences of Egyptian and Hellenistic art on modern western art, the rise of ornament from the Bronze Age to Middle Ages and the Beginnings of Christian Art.

Saturday 21st October: Egyptian Temples Study Day

Sarah Griffiths invites you to  explore some of the most stunning Egyptian temples from the earliest mud and reed structures to the mighty Mansions of Millions of Years.

Wednesday 1st November: Egyptian Tombs Day School

Jo Backhouse explores continuity and change, in vision and artistic techniques, from the Old Kingdom to the New Kingdom.