If you would like to know more about ancient Egypt, there are a number of formal and informal courses  in the North West across the year, several taught by MAES members. You can find details of some of them here:

Learn Coptic with GlyphStudy: Free Course

020–Study Coptic with Us!
(Sahidic COPTIC) Study Section starting May 04, 2020
GlyphStudy is a FREE student led, student run, study group (NOW ON GROUPS.IO)

We are a friendly group and we welcome anybody who is interested in studying hieroglyphs (and now Coptic.). We share homework, study resources, and a lot of lively discussion about the Middle Egyptian and Coptic phases of the Ancient Egyptian language.  There are no prerequisites or fees to participate, but students will need to join our group and purchase a textbook: “Introduction to Sahidic Coptic” by Thomas Lambdin (Mercer University Press, 1983).

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Learn Hieroglyphs with GlyphStudy: Free Course



GlyphStudy will be offering a (FREE) ONLINE Middle Egyptian Study section to begin April 20, 2020. First assignment due May 4, 2020.

GlyphStudy is entirely student run. There are no teachers. We work by list discussion and by sharing explication of the grammar in the homework collations. You will get the most out of your section if you send in work and make an effort to contribute to the list discussions. We will be using “Middle Egyptian Grammar” by James E. Hoch as our textbook. You will need to purchase a copy to participate in the section. (Make sure not to accidentally purchase the author’s “Sign List”, which is not required).

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Free online courses featuring many aspects of ancient Egyptian history through study of the colour blue, and a new course on the colour yellow.

Ancient Egypt: a history in six objects

Online Course based on Objects from the Manchester Museum

Egyptology Online at the University of Manchester

You can study a range of accredited and non-accredited online courses at the University of Manchester, including:

  • The Certificate in Egyptology (accredited, 3 year part time)
  • The Diploma in Egyptology (a 2 year extension to the Certificate course, accredited)
  • A choice of 6 week non-accredited courses including “Queens of Ancient Egypt”, “Gods and Goddess of Ancient Egypt” and “Tutankhamen”
  • Three short courses on hieroglyphs from beginners to advanced
  • A range of free online taster courses including “Blue”, “Yellow”, and “Ancient Egypt: a History in Six Objects”

For more details click here to visit the website.

Masters Courses at the University of Manchester

There are two online Masters courses beginning autumn 2019.

MA Egyptology: in-depth study of specific aspects of ancient Egyptian society and culture. Click here for details.

Click here to download the Egyptology Online courses flyer.

MSc Biomedical Egyptology: using the latest biomedical techniques to explore ancient Egypt. Click here for details.


The Manchester Continuing Education Network runs a wide range of face-to-face courses and study days, including Egyptology and the Ancient World. Most are held at the Cross Street Chapel in the centre of Manchester.

For more details click here to visit the MANCENT website.