This Monday: The Governors of the Frontier!

This Monday (30th May) we have an EXTRA Zoom lecture! All welcome. Doors open 7:30pm (GMT+1); lecture 8-9pm. Free for MAES members. Guests £5 via Eventbrite – book here:

Alejandro Jimenez-Serrano: The elite of Elephantine during the 12th Dynasty: new data from the archaeological excavations in Qubbet el-Hawa

The discovery of 12th Dynasty tombs in Qubbet el-Hawa at the end of the 19th century permitted scholars to understand the Middle Kingdom in the southernmost province of Upper Egypt. This data increased dramatically, when Labib Habachi discovered their ka chapels erected in a household shrine dedicated to Heqaib, a late 6th Dynasty governor who became their mythic ancestor. New excavations carried out by the University of Jaen in Qubbet el-Hawa have shed light on how the local elite was internally organised. Additionally, the discovery of intact tombs has given us much more data about the funerary customs of the highest members of the local community during the late 12th Dynasty.

Prof. Alejandro Jimenez-Serrano is Mission Director of the University of Jaén’s Qubbet el-Hawa Project. He currently teaches Egyptology and the Archaeology of Egypt and the Near East at the university and has led the multidisciplinary project in Qubbet el-Hawa since 2008, overseeing archaeological excavation, translations of texts and on-site conservation of the many mummies and artefacts discovered there.