Amarna: damning evidence that belies the happy tomb and temple scenes!

Next Monday (10th December) Keith White will be discussing “Beautiful, Fair And Lovely Akhetaten”…. The Rhetoric And The Reality.

 Tomb and temple scenes suggest Amarna was a city of plenty and a happy populace. But Keith White will show the reality was quite different!

Keith presents evidence from investigations over the last decade suggesting that the reality – at least for the non-elite – was very different, with malnutrition and disease common. Spinal and limb injuries also suggest a work-load that was excessive even for the average ancient Egyptian. Why was this such an unhealthy population? The likely explanation does not reflect well on the pharaoh whose obsession with rapidly establishing his city to his new god Aten in “this distant place” was at the expense of the ordinary Egyptian.

Everyone welcome! Monday 10th December 7:30pm Manchester Conference Centre / Pendulum Hotel, Sackville Street, Manchester, M3 1BB.

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