Secrets of the Stones THIS SATURDAY!

Jay Heidel

W Raymond Johnson





 “Secrets of the Stones: Current Epigraphic

Surveys and Excavations at Thebes and Antinoupolis”

MAES is very pleased to welcome Raymond Johnson and Jay Heidel to Manchester to reveal their latest work in Luxor!

Three lectures on the Epigraphic survey of Medinet Habu, Luxor Temple and in private Theban tombs, reassembling Amarna talatat blocks and current excavations at Antinoupolis.

Booking has now closed but if you’d like to come you’d be welcome – pay on the door.

Saturday 17th November, 10am – 2pm

University of Manchester Samuel Alexander Building, Lime Grove (off Oxford Road), Manchester M13 9PP

This study day has been made possible thanks to the kind bequest of former MAES member Thelma Nolan-Bradburn.

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