This Year’s Bob Partridge Egyptology Lecture

Monday 9th May: Bob Partridge Egyptology Lecture

Joyce Tyldesley – Wonderful Things: Thematic Transmission in Egyptian Revival Jewellery

The West has long been fascinated by the art and culture of ancient Egypt. This fascination has peaked at times of significant contact, such as Napoleon’s 1798 conquest of Egypt, the 1822 decoding of the hieroglyphic script, and the 1922 discovery of Tutankhamen’s tomb. The “Egyptomania” of these times was directly reflected in the production of Egyptian-style architecture, furniture and fashions, including hairstyles, clothing and accessories. Egyptian-style jewellery – some pieces faithfully replicating original antiques, but most simply incorporating Egyptian themes – became increasingly popular and, thanks to ever-improving manufacturing techniques, increasingly available to the general public.

This lecture will identify and explore themes in the design of Egyptian-style jewellery from the 19th and 20th Centuries.

7pm Pendulum Hotel Manchester Conference Centre ( see below for details)

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