Coming Up: The Naturalist Nobles of Beni Hassan!

Join us for our next MAES meeting on Monday 14th March: 

The Naturalist Nobles of Beni Hassan!

This illustrated talk looks not only generally at these Middle Kingdom Tombs of the Oryx Nome but also specifically at the huge range of birds and animals portrayed therein.  Beni Hasan was the major site for John’s research in Egypt and as he still works as a Research Volunteer for both the Griffith Institute and the Egypt Exploration Society, he will be able to include some of the scenes copied by such eminent Egyptologists as Wilkinson, Rosellini, Newberry and Carter.

Ornithologist John Wyatt

Ornithologist John Wyatt

John Wyatt has been researching the birds and animals of Ancient Egypt for the last two years and two publications on these topics are now in preparation. He has already been co-author, with Jiri Janak, of an on-line publication for the Griffith Institute entitled “An Album of Howard Carter’s Watercolours of Birds and Animals” and is still a part-time Research Volunteer for both that Institute and the Egypt Exploration Society cataloguing their watercolour collections.  Both these collections are scheduled to go on-line in 2015.

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