Latest Discoveries at Thutmose III Temple!

This Monday! Join the Manchester Ancient Egypt Society for our monthly zoom lecture – welcoming back Myriam Seco Alvarez who will be revealing recent discoveries at the Thutmose III Temple of Millions of Years in Luxor!

The site of the Temple of Millions of Years of Thutmosis III has allowed the recovery of numerous materials from different periods of the history of pharaonic Egypt. n recent years there have been interesting discoveries at the administrative building located at the southern part of the temple and there have been done attractive advances at the sanctuary area. Likewise, further information has been achieved of simple burials from the end of the First Intermediate Period, some of them intact, and looted noble tombs from the Third Intermediate Period and Saite times. One of the latter contained desecrated mummies that had been reburied with shrouds and amulets.

Myriam is Associate Lecturer of the Department of Prehistory and Archaeology at the University of Seville, and is the Director of the Project for the Excavation and Restoration of the Temple of Millions of Years of Tuthmosis III in Luxor. She has participated in important excavation projects, including a Phoenician shipwreck off the coast of Tyre (Lebanon); the Bent Pyramid and the Seneferu Valley Temple, and as director of the underwater archaeological survey on the Red Sea coast. In 2019 she received the City of Seville Medal for her teaching, educational and research work.

Monday 11th April on Zoom – doors open 7:30pm, lecture begins at 8pm (GMT+1).

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