The Rise & Collapse of the Nubian Kingdom of Meroe!

Happy New Year! The Manchester AE Society’s next online lecture is next Monday, kicking off 2021 with a fascinating glimpse into Nubian history! Everyone welcome – details below.
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Monday 11th January 2021 Zoom Lecture
“Doors” open 7:30pm; lecture start 8pm.
Dr Iwona Kozieradzka-Ogunmakin Beyond the Pyramids: New Insights into the Rise and Collapse of the Kingdom of Meroe, Sudan.
The Kushite Kingdom of Meroe (c. 300 BC – AD 350) occupied a vast territory of present-day Sudan and the southern fringes of Egypt. The kingdom played a key role in the region facilitating trade between the Graeco-Roman world and African states and beyond, and its position was further strengthened by iron production that centred in the region around the capital city of Meroe, presently known for its necropolis with numerous royal pyramids. However, after several centuries, this once powerful and prosperous kingdom collapsed, and the circumstances surrounding its demise remain unclear and open to speculation. This lecture will present the circumstances surrounding the formation of the Meroitic kingdom and discuss the existing theories and new evidence pertaining to its sudden collapse.