Scholars, Collectors, Adventurers, Aesthetes and Plunderers!

This Monday, Hilary Forrest takes us back to the nineteenth century, a period of exploration, analysis and plundering of the treasures of ancient Egypt. Some of this activity could be interpreted as legitimate while much was unofficial or even illegal. The Museums of the world and private collections were often beneficiaries.

This lecture will look at a number of individuals involved in this process looking at their lives, careers and their motivation, to examine this process.

Examples will begin with the Napoleonic study and will include colourful characters such as Belzoni, Henry Salt , William Bankes, well- known names like Maspero and Petrie as well as some lesser names like Greville Chester and Gayer Anderson.

Monday 16th April 7:30pm Manchester Conference Centre, Sackville Street, M1 3BB

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