The Life and Times of Takabuti: Multidisciplinary Mummy Studies Spanning the 19th to 21st Centuries

Our next meeting will be on Monday 10th February, when our very own Professor Rosalie David will talk to us about the latest discoveries that have been made about Takabuti, the famous mummy at the Belfast Museum, in what’s sure to be an interesting lecture.

Rosalie David OBE has achieved world renown for her pioneering work in investigating mummies using non-destructive techniques and became Director of the KNH Centre for Biological and Forensic Studies in Egyptology at The University of Manchester. Her research work into the Schistosomiasis disease has been recognised with a prestigious award from the Anglo-French Medical Society and she was awarded an OBE in recognition of her services in Egyptology.


Booking is now open for our next study day

Powerful Royal Women of the 17th to 20th Dynasties

A study day in memory of Muriel O’Shea

Join us on Saturday 21st March for an exciting study day with Dylan Bickerstaffe, Kenneth Griffen & Sarah Griffiths, focussing on the powerful royal women of the New Kingdom, including Ahmose Nefertari, Hatshepsut, Neferure, Nefertiti, Nefertari and the Harem Conspiracy against Ramesses III.

The study day will take place at the Longfield Suite, Prestwich M25 1AY. Tickets cost £40 for MAES members, £45 for non-members, and £35 for students.

Click here to download the booking form.


Searching for the Lost Tombs of Egypt – Chris Naunton

Our next meeting will be on Monday 13th January, when Dr Chris Naunton will talk to us about the lost tombs of Egypt.

Where are the tombs of Imhotep, Nefertiti, Alexander the Great and Cleopatra? All were buried in Egypt but despite the best efforts of some of the greats in archaeology, none of them have been found. But there are clues and in some cases archaeologists are actively searching for them. This talk explores what we know, and asks what the chances are of finding any of those missing tombs.

Dr Chris Naunton is an Egyptologist, writer and broadcaster. He has degrees from the universities of Birmingham and Swansea, has worked in the field in Abydos and Thebes, was Director of the EES from 2012-16 and President of the International Association of Egyptologists. He has appeared in several TV documentaries and his first book, “Searching for the Lost Tombs of Egypt” was published in 2018. His second work, “Egyptologists’ Notebooks” will be out later in 2020.

Chris will be bringing copies of his book to sign and sell so save up your Xmas prezzie money!


Deception, Backstabbing and Intrigue at Amarna!

Our next meeting is on Mon 9th December and it’s our annual Bob Partridge Egyptology Lecture.

Michael Tunnicliffe will be giving a lecture on The Amarna Letters – The Canaan Corrrespondence – a story of deception, back stabbing and intrigue!

All welcome 7pm doors open. Lecture 7:45 to 9pm. Pendulum Hotel / Manchester Conference Centre, Sackville Street, Manchester, M1 3BB.

New MAES Programme & course news

Mummy found recently at Dashur. Image: MSA

Mummies, ancient jewellery, New Kingdom queens, battles in the Delta, sex and death in Roman Egypt….it’s all coming in the new season of the Manchester Ancient Egypt Society!

Check out and download the new programme on our website here

Join us on Monday 9th September at the Manchester Conference Centre / Pendulum Hotel on Sackville Street, Manchester M1 3BB.



Photo: RBP

Thutmose III

We’ve two great lectures to go before our summer break:

Monday 20th May  Myriam Seco Álvarez: The Temple of Millions of Years of Thutmose III at Luxor

Monday 10th June Anna Garnett: The Petrie Museum – Past, Present and Future PLUS AGM

But have no fear – we have a full programme of great lectures coming up from September – take a sneak preview here