New MAES Season begins soon!

MAES lectures return on Monday 11th September with our former Chairman Colin Reader speaking about Meidum! You can find our more about our lectures and download a copy of the programme here:

As well as our annual study day in March 2018, we have two extra study days in November and April!

We hope to see you in September!


Mon 8th May: Peter Robinson – The Ancient Egyptians Map their World

Our next meeting is on Monday 8th May!

(Please note due to a calendar error this has been advertised previously as 15th May).

Peter Robinson joins us to look at how the ancient Egyptians were able to map their world and, in some cases, the Afterlife they expected to go to after death, and what this shows us about how the ancient Egyptians thought about the worlds of the living and the dead.

Peter is the Treasurer of Poynton Egypt Group, and is a trustee of the Canada-based Society for the Study of Egyptian Antiquities. He runs the Friends of Nekhen website for the supporters of the Hierakonpolis expedition in Egypt and as an Editorial Assistant to Ancient Egypt Magazine, he produces maps for each edition.

Egyptology Course News

Study Egyptology at home and gain a recognized qualification!

The University of Manchester is now accepting enrollments for their September 2017 Certificate and Diploma courses in Egyptology.

Full details:

And for those of you who would like something shorter, there is a free online course beginning 17th April and running for 5 weeks.

Warfare and Weapons in Ancient Egypt is taught by Dr Nicky Nielsen and is an entirely revised version of their previous Warfare and Weapons course, incorporating new material and film clips. It will therefore be of interest both to new students and to students who have already taken this course and is ideal for those new to online Egyptology.

Full details:…/cour…/warfare-weapons-ancient-egypt


Clothes for a Pear-shaped King!

Our speaker next Monday (10th April) is Rosalind Janssen, Lecturer in Education at UCL Institute of Education and previously curator at the Petrie Museum. She will be presenting our annual Bob Partridge Egyptology Lecture with a look at the clothing of Tutankhamun.

Tutankhamun was a decidedly peculiar shape if his surviving garments are anything to go by. Why did he have such vast amounts of underwear in his tomb, and what did he wear on his feet? We look at these and other questions in relation to his surviving clothing, linking his world to that of other children in Ancient Egypt.

Please join us! 7pm for 7:45pm start. All welcome.


Double Egyptology for March!

Next Monday join us for a dig in the Delta! Nicky Nielson will be revealing discoveries by the University of Liverpool excavations of the “City of the Snake Goddess” at Tell Nabasha/Imet. That’s Monday 13th March.  AND don’t forget to book your place for our fantastic study day on Saturday 25th March at the Longfield Suite, Prestwich. Campbell Price and Roger Forshaw will bring alive the exciting Late Period – Egypt’s “Silver Age”! For details of these and the rest of our 2017 season click here.

New MAES 2017/2018 Programme Now Published!

We have a wonderful programme of speakers to finish off our 2017 season and now here’s what’s coming from September 2017! Explore the Meidum Pyramid with Colin Reader and travel around Africa by Trireme with Kevin Harrison! Find out about Rameses II in Legend with Alan Lloyd, while Hilary Forrest tells us about the collectors and adventurers who stocked our museums. Plus not one but TWO study days – Delta excavations in March (2018) and in November a special study day at the Manchester Museum to honour the late Victor Blunden. Find our more here

MANCENT Study Day Saturday 18th February

MANCENT,  the Manchester Continuing Education Network, presents a day school on  Girl Power: Elite Women of Ancient Egypt

Phatshepsut-at-the-egyptian-museum-cairo-photo-bob-partridgeresented by MAES Secretary Sarah Griffiths.

This study day explores the fascinating lives of Egypt’s women of power: queens and consorts, priestesses and goddesses, empresses and entrepreneurs.

Enjoying rights and freedoms unheard of in other ancient cultures, Egypt’s elite women were unique, some ruling Egypt as Pharaoh in their own right. Sarah Griffiths will examine the archaeological and textual evidence from the Early Dynastic Period through to the end of the Ptolemaic era to recreate the lives of some of the most important of Egypt’s female icons, including Merneith, Sobeknefru, Ahmose-Nefertari, Hatshepsut, Tiy, Nefertiti, Nefertari, Amenirdis I, Arsinoё II and Cleopatra VII.


 Saturday 18th February,  10.30am– 4.30pm.

Cross Street Chapel, Cross Street, Manchester, M2 1NL

Girl Power: Elite Women of Ancient Egypt