What’s In A Name? MAES Monday 8th February

Our next Zoom meeting is on Monday 8th February and we welcome back the charismatic Glenn Godenho!

Glenn Godenho: What’s in a Name? Patterns of People at the End of the Old Kingdom.

Djau, Ibi, Khu, Kheti – all names that tend to recur in key locations at the end of the Old Kingdom. Of course, same and similar names do not at all imply a collective of blood-relatives running the administrative machine at provincial centres. However, a closer look at the extant evidence starts to show patterns of provincial rulership that may help us to better understand the balance of power as the Old Kingdom draws to a close.

Dr Glenn Godenho began Egyptological training at Birkbeck College, London, and then studied for BA, MA and PhD at the University of Liverpool, where he now works as a Senior Lecturer in Egyptology and Academic Director of the Institution’s Continuing Education Department. He is part of a Liverpool-Bonn First Intermediate Period research group that aims to bring a number of related projects together from both institutions.

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Queens of the New Kingdom Study Day Online 27th March 2021

Tickets are now available for the MAES March study day on Queens of the New Kingdom! An online study day – everyone welcome. Tickets £30 for guests. MAES Members will receive a £10 discount code. We look forward to seeing you then! Furthe details and to book click here

The Rise & Collapse of the Nubian Kingdom of Meroe!

Happy New Year! The Manchester AE Society’s next online lecture is next Monday, kicking off 2021 with a fascinating glimpse into Nubian history! Everyone welcome – details below.
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Monday 11th January 2021 Zoom Lecture
“Doors” open 7:30pm; lecture start 8pm.
Dr Iwona Kozieradzka-Ogunmakin Beyond the Pyramids: New Insights into the Rise and Collapse of the Kingdom of Meroe, Sudan.
The Kushite Kingdom of Meroe (c. 300 BC – AD 350) occupied a vast territory of present-day Sudan and the southern fringes of Egypt. The kingdom played a key role in the region facilitating trade between the Graeco-Roman world and African states and beyond, and its position was further strengthened by iron production that centred in the region around the capital city of Meroe, presently known for its necropolis with numerous royal pyramids. However, after several centuries, this once powerful and prosperous kingdom collapsed, and the circumstances surrounding its demise remain unclear and open to speculation. This lecture will present the circumstances surrounding the formation of the Meroitic kingdom and discuss the existing theories and new evidence pertaining to its sudden collapse.

The Serapeum of Saqqara

From the reign of Amenhotep III to the end of the Ptolemaic Period, the Apis bull, the ‘Herald of Ptah’, was buried in a complex of vaults at Saqqara – later known as the Serapeum.

This Monday (9th November) Aidan Dodson explores the history of the Apis burials and their contents with photographs of areas not open to the public!

Everyone welcome to join us – online via Zoom. Lectures are free to MAES members; guests welcome via Eventbrite £5.

Ancient Egyptian Jewellery: What Was Its Purpose?


Rosalie David talk on Ancient Egyptian Jewellery: What Was Its Purpose?

This lecture will explore various reasons – religious, social, economic and political – why jewellery was so indispensable to the ancient Egyptians. The lecture will also look at the sources from which the Egyptians obtained the materials used in jewellery-making, and will demonstrate some of the trends that developed over the millennia.

Online lecture via Zoom Doors open 7:30pm Lecture 8 – 9pm

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Art, Sex & Death in Roman Egypt!!!

Monday 14th September – our first online lecture via Zoom.Campbell Price explores “Art, Sex and Death in Roman Egypt”. The lecture is free to attend for members of the Manchester Ancient Egypt Society – membership for the year is just £15. If you’d like to join, visit www.maesweb.org.uk/join-us

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We’re Back!

Welcome to the new MAES season! We kick off on Monday 14th September with Dr. Campbell Price revealing Art, Sex and Death in Graeco-Roman Egypt.  More on that later!

Our lectures will be held online via Zoom until December 2020. Lectures from January onwards will either be at our venue (Pendulum Hotel) or online – tbc.

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